Fast-food hamburgers are terrible for your health.

If you think of your food choices as a binary then there are two types: stuff that kills you and stuff that heals you.

Black M Burgers will heal you.  

  • Gluten Free Bun (come to Pirate Joe's to try this bun!) 
  • Raw Milk Cheese
  • Rooftop Vegetables
  • 100% Grass Fed Animals Humanely Raised and Shot in the Field. No Grain Finishing Nonsense. 
  • Pesticide-Free Everything 
  • Epic Taste
  • $5!

At this point Black M is an idea. For it to become a place to get lunch, you will need to help. Get on our email list or stop in to see us at Pirate Joe's. We will get kickstarting soon!


-Mike Hallatt